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Products and Platforms

We provide various products and services for the individual investor such as technical analysis charting applications, chart pattern recognition systems, and other content relevant to an investor on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. These services are offered via the cloud, for access anywhere and anytime, and also via websites accessible with modern browsers.

In addition, almost all our solutions can be accessed from desktops, laptops, or tablets and from most all platforms such as Windows, Apple, Linux, or Android.


TBO Advanced Charts

TBO Advanced Charts is a complete technical analysis system with extensive additional information on all JSE listed companies. It also includes a vast database covering unit trusts, forex, international markets, and much more.  


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Stock Market eBook

This free website service provides the retail investor with a wealth of information on companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and other useful related information. Presented in a browser and tablet friendly format for access anywhere and anytime!


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Social Media

We provide numerous content streams via social media platforms; news, stock exchange announcements, cautionary alerts, and other investing insights and perspectives.

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