Funds Analysis


HFS-64 is a 64-bit, state-of-the-art, financial data and analysis platform for the institutional investor and asset manager.

It offers price data for thousands of time-series such as equities, world indices, forex, unit trusts, economic data, and much more. It is accessed via a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that requires no end-user installation. Accessible anytime and from anywhere.

It provides an extensive suite of tools, functionality, usability features and content such as:

  • State of the art tech - 32/64 bit
  • Available for Windows, Apple, Linux, iPad, Android
  • Incredibly powerful charting
  • Economic database covering South Africa and the world
  • Bonds database, bond indices, and yields
  • Multi-decade share price database 
  • JSE SENS in original PDF with formatted tables
  • News in real-time and from around the world
  • Financial statements - truly as published
  • Ratio Analysis and financial modelling
  • Directors Dealings in own shares
  • Detailed Dividend Data
  • Funds analysis, benchmarking, performance
  • Organization structure charts
  • Automated integration to all MS Office tools; Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • ... and much more ...